Pork Noodle @ Kheng Nam Yuen Coffee Shop, Taman Seremban

Breakfast kick start daily life, everyone need it, and doctor advice not to skip breakfast. There so many food out there, what to choose for our precious breakfast then?

let EDM brings you to this humble little stall located at Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. It is not far from Seremban town, just about 15minutes drive from seremban town center.

Pork Noodle @ Kheng Nam Yuen Coffee Shop, Taman Seremban-2

This Pork Noodle in a coffee shop at Taman Seremban, where the area is near to Senawang toll if you coming from South or north by Plus Highway. Just a normal ordinary shop that you might notice if I didn’t tell you at here. But it is famous within Seremban area and even they have customer from different state in Malaysia. And I’m surprise that, there isn’t anyone blog about them, none of the food blog write up for them.

Pork noodle wasn’t same as beef noodles, even though the appearance is almost similar. Pork noodle have one ingredient extra, it is sesame, lot of sesame…

At here, you need not to worry about how to pick your choice, there are only 2 sizes to select when you wish to order it, big or small, that’s it… So simple.

Big bowl of Pork Noodle – RM4.50
(This is really a big bowl of noodle… it might can feed up to 3 female appetite)
Pork Noodle @ Kheng Nam Yuen Coffee Shop, Taman Seremban-3

Small bowl of Pork Noodle – RM4.00
(Even though it is call small bowl, it just slight smaller compare to big bowl)
Pork Noodle @ Kheng Nam Yuen Coffee Shop, Taman Seremban

Beside Pork Noodle, there are Nasi Lemak, Chicken Rice, and fish ball Noodle. I will go back again to try the nasi lemak as the Chili (Sambal) is very attractive, looks delicious.

Environment is good, kinda clean, very friendly owner will assist you if you having issue in picking your choice (Big or Small)

Their Address:
Kheng Nam Yuen Coffee Shop
Taman Yoon Fook
70450 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan

Operation hour: morning till late afternoon

Landmark nearby:
AEON Big, JPJ Seremban, Tesco Senawang

Photo contributor: ALPHOTOS

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